Benchmark Senior Living Campaign Celebrates Renewed Confidence in People Coming Back Together

Campaign Inspired by Recent High Resident & Family Member Satisfaction Combined with 24+ Years of Trusted Care, Industry-Leading Programs and Robust COVID-19 Protocols

Graphic of older adults with their families

Waltham, Mass. – Today, Benchmark Senior Living, a leading provider of senior living services in the Northeast, unveiled its new “Consumer Confidence” campaign. The campaign features messaging around the many ways in which Benchmark residents and family members at their 63 senior Assisted Living, Mind & Memory Care and Independent Living communities are confidently coming together again. These experiences are bolstered by Benchmark’s more than 24 years of history providing award-winning support and programs facilitated by associates who are Called to Care and trusted by residents and their families.

The campaign celebrates the confidence that Benchmark residents have in dining with their friends, participating in social hour, spending time with family, safely being together and generally feeling secure. It launched today in major newspapers, online and on social media.

“Nurturing and celebrating the power of human connection is at the heart of everything we do at Benchmark. So, I am thrilled to see – on full display – residents enjoying the people and passions that make life so meaningful,” said Tom Grape, founder, chairman and CEO of Benchmark. “Our associates, like myself, are proud to offer this caring environment and the highest quality services possible. It’s been our purpose and our legacy for nearly 25 years.”

Studies show that those over the age of 65 have been impacted the most this past year. The pandemic exacerbated an already common problem among older adults who frequently experience chronic social isolation. Depression, anxiety and loneliness have taken a toll on many seniors’ health.

Benchmark’s Consumer Confidence campaign illustrates some of the countless activities Benchmark residents are confidently engaging in with their friends and loved ones. Many of these activities are made possible by the Benchmark Something in Common program, which assists residents in nurturing their individual passions and connections. Launched in January, the digital platform pinpoints residents’ interests, matching them to community programs and helping build relationships with neighbors. The program has identified common interests in things like acting, art and places shared. This has paved the way for many new experiences and successes, including new painters proudly displaying their artwork in front of audiences.

Benchmark residents and their family members are confidently reconnecting, thanks partly to the company’s COVID-19 protocols. In addition to proactively implementing them early on, the company is committed to continuing to focus on health and safety. All associates must be vaccinated and the Benchmark Coronavirus Advisory Council, comprised of 10 leading public health experts, continues to guide the company’s long-term strategy and response.

Benchmark’s 63 communities in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont provide senior Assisted Living, Memory Care Assisted Living, Assisted Living with Memory Care and independent Assisted Living. They are also a short-term Respite Care provider. To learn more about the many programs offered at Benchmark communities, visit